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Using Template Mapping for a Sitecore Redesign

Spirent had just redesigned their blog templates for their Sitecore site, but with years of previous blog posts and multiple author profiles, Spirent needed an easy way to migrate content from their current templates to their new templates. Siteport was the simple solution Spirent needed.

Using Siteport’s Template Mapping feature, Spirent was able to easily map the fields within each template. Siteport’s automatic mapping feature saved Spirent time by automatically mapping fields in the current template with the new template that had the same name. Spirent was also able to add in additional fields that were in their new template but were not in their current template.

With Siteport, Spirent was able to migrate all of their content in a tenth of the time and a fraction of the cost. In less than an hour the entire migration was completed, from Sitecore configuration to moving the content from the current templates to the new templates. Without the use of Siteport, Spirent’s migration would have taken over a week to complete, increasing total costs by 92% (compared to manual migration).

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