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California Teachers Association

Using Siteport to reimplement Sitecore

The California Teachers Association (CTA) already had Sitecore implemented as their CMS, but their previous vendor had custom implemented the solution without following Sitecore best practices which lead to CTA’s team not being able to take advantage of Sitecore’s out-of-the-box features like inline and image editing. CTA’s web development agency knew they needed to migrate the site into a properly implemented Sitecore platform using best practices.

CTA’s site had over 3,000 pages of content as well as tags, author items, and more than needed to be migrated to the new Sitecore implementation. To do this, CTA’s web development agency utilized Siteport’s easy migration features to replatform CTA’s site from Sitecore 6.2 to 6.5.

After the migration, CTA's team was able to take advantage of all of Sitecore’s core features as well as Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers where they can create, edit and track marketing forms they put on their site. Without the use of Siteport, manual migration of the CTA site would have taken six months; however, by utilizing Siteport, CTA’s web development agency was able to reduce migration time by 96%.

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