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Cuna Mutual Group

Sitecore Migration

Cuna Mutual Group (CMG) helps people protect, invest, and plan for their future through insurance products, risk management services, investment planning and more. CMG has three main websites that service a diverse audience, including credit unions and other businesses, with needs ranging from simple forms to complex investment information. CMG was becoming increasingly aware that their aging CMS platform was no longer fitting their business needs, as it often lead to them needing custom features and applications developed that were not sustainable in the long term.

Painless Migration

CMG knew that they wanted to move off their outdated CMS and onto a flexible, feature-rich platform like Sitecore that would grow with their business. However, to make the move, they needed to migrate numerous of pages of content. To migrate this much content without a content freeze, which would be detrimental to the business as policies and documents could change daily, CMG utilized Siteport to automate the migration.

Using Siteport, CMG was able to migrate over 10,000 pages of content, 5,000 items, and 5,000 media items across three sites with zero content freeze. This meant the CMG team could focus on implementing a new CMS rather than building a migration script or moving content by hand.

A New Sitecore Site

By automating the migration, CMG was able to focus their attention on implementing Sitecore as their new CMS and integrating Sitecore’s Digital Marketing tools into their sites. In just under 12 months, CMG’s three sites were up and running on their new Sitecore CMS, providing their team with a powerful and flexible digital marketing platform that will grow along with their business.

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