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Webinar: How to Prepare Your Site for Content Migration (video recording)

Mar 26, 2015
With the latest CMS platform mergers, many customers are looking to move their site to a new CMS but are held back by the overwhelming process of content migration. How can you prepare for the inevitable migration issues you're bound to encounter? What kinds of migration solutions are available in the market?

Below you'll find the slide deck and video recording of a recent webinar Siteport co-hosted with Blend Interactive that will help answer these and other migration questions. In these materials, presenter Deane Barker, Chief Strategy Officer at Blend, speaks about:

  • What exactly is a migration?
  • What makes a migration complicated?
  • What are some challenges associated with migrations?
  • How does automation help a migration?
  • Keys to a successful migration

Here is the full recoding of the webinar:

Click here to download your free copy of the webinar slides to use when planning out your migration project.