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With the Ektron announcement - should you stay or should you go?

Dec 09, 2014

By now, you may have heard that Ektron was recently acquired by Accel-KKR for $52 million - less than half of what the company was worth in 2008 (CMSWire). Whenever a significant player in an industry gets sold, it becomes big news and leads those who are using the platform to wonder if they should stay on Ektron and see how it transitions or if it’s time to move onto another CMS.

As Scott Liewehr from Digital Clarity Group points out, just because a company is being acquired is no reason to leave it in the dust, it may in fact be a reason to stay. Investment firms rarely make large investments in companies only to shut them down - this investment could mean that Ektron will be able to focus more on platform development, adding advanced personalization and marketing features that today’s modern customer needs.

However, before this recent announcement, here at Siteport we’ve seen many customers who are ready to move off Ektron and onto a more advanced platform. As Liewehr points out in his article, Ektron isn’t (and shouldn’t try to be) and enterprise solution. Ektron was a great solution for many companies several years ago when all they were looking for was a content editing platform; however, as those same companies grow, they are looking for a more dynamic platform.

Really, the decision to stay or go depends on your company needs (and how long you’re willing to wait for what you want). Some customers may decide to stay on the platform and see what this new investment will bring. Others may decide that it’s not worth it to them to wait around and continue to use a platform they’ve outgrown. Time will tell what this new investment will mean for Ektron.


Ready to move off Ektron? Siteport can help. Whether you want to migrate it yourself or let us handle the migration for you, we can get you onto a new platform quicker than ever.


[Image courtesy of reynermedia via Flickr Creative Commons]