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How a CMS migration is like moving to a new home

Apr 15, 2014

There is a general pattern to follow when you move to a new house. You pack up your belongings in boxes, organize where they might go in your new house, and load them into the truck. This process is very similar to that of moving your site to a new content management platform - you organize your content, decide where it’s going to go in your new CMS and then migrate it over. But like moving to a new house, a CMS migration can become a time and money suck if not planned properly - especially if you’re planning on migrating manually.

Let’s go back to our home-moving example. When packing your belongings, you may find that you no longer use that old shelf in the kitchen that you built because you didn’t have enough space for pots and pans so you decide to give it away. And maybe you don’t want to keep storing those CDs so you decide to burn them all to your computer to save space.

Like moving to a new house, you’ll find in a website migration that there are belongings (content) that you can donate or toss (purge) or that you can consolidate or improve (rewrite) to better suit your needs in your new home. While this portion of your ‘move’ is comparable to creating a content inventory during a website migration, there are other portions of this moving process that are comparable to a website migration.

This is where Siteport comes in as your moving truck/team. You’ll tell Siteport where all your belongings are in your old site, have Siteport pack them in the truck and then unload them into the correct spot in your new site. This means if Page 1 in your old site linked to Page 3 and Page 4, it will link to those pages in your new CMS as well. If you’re moving to a new house/site that has a completely different layout (think a website redesign), Siteport lets you “label your boxes to have the movers put them in the right room” through template mapping capabilities that let you map content from your old templates to the right place in your new templates. Maybe you’re moving from an old house to a newer house with updated wiring and plumbing - you’ll want to make sure that your appliances and electronics work in your new home. The same is true with your new CMS. This is why Siteport has transformations that transform your content structure to match that of your new platform.

Like moving to a new home, content migration of a website is a stressful time and if not planned properly, it can end up taking much longer than expected, making projects go over budget. Siteport helps take the guesswork out of migration by increasing accuracy and decreasing your budget and timeline.

[Image courtesy of dprevite via Flickr Creative Commons]