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Dear RedDot, it's not me, it's you

Apr 01, 2014

Breakups are hard. You’ve invested so much time and effort into this relationship, but sometimes you have to face facts: it’s just not working. This is what many OpenText/RedDot customers are coming to terms with as they see other CMS platforms with more advanced digital marketing and personalization features. These customers are also finding it harder and harder to find service providers to help them maintain their RedDot site as the number of OpenText partners continues to decrease. It’s not just customers who are having issues with the platform. Industry analysts, like Tony Byrne from Real Story Group, have been talking about the decline of this platform for several years now.

For these reasons and more, many are looking to ‘break up’ with their RedDot site and move to something new, but how? How do you maintain all the work you’ve put into your site’s content, links, SEO and more when switching platforms?

Others who have found themselves in this sticky situation have had success using Siteport to migrate their site’s content, templates, page links, media asset links, metadata, and more from OpenText/RedDot to a new content management. Siteport plugs directly into your current implementation to extract your site’s assets and moves them to a new platform, providing the ultimate solution.

They don’t say “breaking up is hard to do” for no reason, but with Siteport, the transition to a new platform is quick and easy. So, are you ready for a new CMS relationship?